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About Us

Our Story

To Youth was born in vast expanse of organic Maple farm in North Canada, where our pure and concentrated ingredients: Maple tree sap, Maple Syrup and Ice Wine Extract originate.

Driven by the founding principle: effective, efficient and safe, To Youth combines science and intense energy of nature to cultivate youthful, radiant and healthy skin. Our pioneering formulations deliver high concentration of botanical and scientific power to help your skin restore luminous glow and boost healthy tone.

To Youth is fully comply with regulations of Health Canada and committed to the highest standards of safety for all of our products. Every formulation and ingredient of To Youth were thoroughly tested and screened before selling to our customers.

Ingredients are the most important part of our products. Ingredients are not chosen based on their aesthetic value-only ingredients that are really beneficial to the skin are selected. The lowest level of preservatives is used in our formulations. Our goal is to use only the mildest and most effective ingredients, which is why natural ingredients are used. Products are always formulated with sensitive skin in mind.